«Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.»
Charles Eames

Why do I need a designer?

interior-designers-at-work-with-how-to-work-with-an-interior-designer-kimball-starr-interior-designDesigner is a professional with corresponding education and experience in the field; an expert who works on the creation of a project specially for you in its full extent.

From visualization and design to purchase of furniture and decoration articles as well as coordination of electricians, plumbers, suppliers and installers work – each work requires a wide range of capabilities and skills, combining a broad range of tasks with respect to time and budget.

Design knowledge and skills help to find creative solutions to the most complex tasks, taking into account all the nuances and details. You get an opportunity to approach competently the implementation of your boldest dreams and original ideas.

Certified professionals, licensed architects, project management according to quality standards … Reasonable approach, well-established base of reliable suppliers and partners can save up to 30% of the construction budget as well as your time and nerves. Designer supervision and project support help to avoid structural faults and achieve the highest quality result within reasonable time.

Whatever is in your plans – building of a house, apartment renovation, area landscaping or upgrading – designer will elaborate a really individual creative solution. If you want an advance-guard office or a luxury restaurant, designer will introduce the basics of your brand trademark into the interior which suits your tastes and adds price and value to your investment. If you want a hospitable house, where you could relax in comfortable atmosphere –designer will help to create appropriate atmosphere and save reflection of your personal taste and lifestyle in it.

Why do we need a design project?

Do we need a design project, if we know exactly, what we want? Is it a waste of time and money? Let’s consider all the benefits of having professional design documentation and basic faults occurring due to its absence.arch_1

Our notion of ​​a perfect house often consists of fragments of ideas and images, which we have seen in design magazines or on websites. But this information is not enough for builders! Many people rely upon the knowledge and experience of foremen, hoping for their calculations and expecting their help in selecting materials … Unfortunately, these expectations are often not met and even in the early stages there are faults and shortcomings which grow gradually… Now add all that running about in building centers and stores, constant measurements and remeasurement, alterations, control over material delivery and work execution…

Project documentation is a guarantee of expected result; reasonable and accurate structural analysis saves your money! Proper design project is not a set of pictures, but specific-designed solutions. Detailed and precise calculations, drawings and estimates allow checking the cost of project and quality of service.

Material volumes and accurate design data can help to avoid unexpected overpayments and afterpayments; constructs in drawings guarantee observation of correct technology. The exact specification of materials contains full information about required characteristics, properties and dimensions, which, in its turn, will promote and simplify their search and selection, and determine the cost competently and reasonably. Correct calculation and layout of utilities release from a number of problems, starting with inconvenient, uncomfortable location and ending with technically challenging aspects of serviceAnother important factor is consistency, coordination, organization and control of team work performed by one person – this helps to avoid overlap, inconsistencies, mismatches, defects, rework and search for who is blame…

If you approach the matter professionally and act correctly at each stage, it minimizes negative moments and turns any repair or beautification process into a calm, pleasant activity. Most clients come upon the recommendations and become friends and partners of our studio, encouragers and co-authors of the dreams expressed in our projects.

Since your home is one of the most valuable purchases that you have made in your life, can’t you afford to hire a designer and develop a proper project?