«Design is intelligence made visible».
Alina Wheeler

We are a team of specialists with specific education, vast experience and desire to work and develop. We are professionals who have devoted ourselves to creating the best offers for every client.


We specialize in exclusive, innovative, modern architectural design and construction projects of commercial buildings and high-class residences, unique landscaping and beautification projects. We perform a full range of work from concept to its actual implementation, building and repairing of any degree of complexity and purpose.


We use advanced technology, follow the latest trends, respect classical traditions and offer fresh ideas. We work as a team, systematically, quickly and accurately. We don’t offer unnecessary design options, don’t impose our favorite style on you, don’t offer the most expensive alternative, we know where you can reasonably save your money and where you shouldn’t. We know the value of our and – what is more important – your time, money and energy. You can rely upon us as regards high-level design documentation, creative potential, as well as design quality and durability of the work performed.


Irina Zuza – Ukrainian designer and creative director of the studio.