We would like express our deep gratitude Iryna Zuza design studio and its designer herself, for the high level and excellent quality of a completed work. When we resorted to her we didn’t expect that everything would be done so quickly and qualitatively. The team had taken into account all the wishes and they were kind, attentive, patient, resourceful. We have entrusted all the work to this team of experts and the result satisfied!

  • GLAZUNOVA – Vitaliy and Alexander

    I want to thank the designer and a team of experts working on the renovation of our office for quality work, an individual approach to their work. I’ve got what I wanted and satisfied with the work done by 100%. The work is thoroughly, staff is friendly and well-organized. Thank you for your work so it is really pleasant to work in a new atmosphere.

  • HATNOJE – Alexander

    I would like to note that Irina is a wonderful designer and very creative person. She proceeded to the design after construction of the house and we regret not asking for it before. Her team of professionals eliminated significant mistakes had made by previous builders. I liked her approach to work, she could understand me very well, she is able to not only create, but also to guide the process, as clearly and competently. Thank you so much!

  • RIVER STONE – Vita

    I met with Irina on the recommendations. She designed and implemented the guidance of repair in our apartment. Working with her is pleasant; she is a decent person, young, modern and beautiful. In a team with Peter are very careful and responsible to their work. They could make me calm, react quickly and fix any complications during repair. I could always get professional advice and trust such an important matter in the hands of professionals without any doubt. Highly recommend!

  • IZUMRUDNYI – Sergey

    I and my wife were looking for some experts in the field of design and repair for a long time. Trusting the recommendation of friends, we’ve got the desired result. We liked the approach of the designer and foreman, and all the workers grinding away our apartment. The ideas proposed by the designer were very impressed and professionally implemented. Everything was done neatly and correctly. The most struck was the responsibility and honesty of the team. Like to express our gratitude!

  • Inna

    Ирина-Очень добросовестный и талантливый ДИЗАЙНЕР! Проэктируя однокомнатную квартиру учитывала все наши пожелания при этом сохранив особенности стиля и своего таланта!А самое главное в ходе реализации проекта помогала,объясняла рабочим.САМЫх лучших ей пожеланий и успехов в работе!рекомендую, не пожалеете!

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