«Design is where science and art break even».
Robin Mathew

Preliminary Design

Preliminary design is an architectural concept of a building without engineering design calculations and details. Further elaboration is required for building and construction work.

It includes:

  • master plan;
  • layout of floors;
  • floor plans with furniture and equipment layout;
  • colored front elevation;
  • many-sided visualization;
  • sectional views of a building;
  • explanatory note substantiating architectural, ecological and technological decisions.

Detailed Architectural Design

Detailed architectural design is performed on the basis of preliminary design. It comprises a project plan phase (PP) and a construction documents phase (CD). A project plan is an elaborated detailed architectural concept that factors in the features of constructional solutions, but for peculiar details. Construction documents are a set of building plans, drawings and supporting documents for the construction project. Project planning may comprise one or two phases (Construction Project + Construction Documents). It falls into three parts: architectural, constructional, and engineering.

The architectural part:

  • front elevations from different perspectives, indicating general dimensions and particular elements;
  • floor plans (house levels) providing the layout of premises, openings, sanitary equipment and kitchen fitting;
  • sufficient amount of sectional views to demonstrate the space-planning decision, structural peculiarities and specific features of individual elements: floor and roof layer arrangement, staircase constructions, etc.
  • roof plan demonstrating the layout, shape and dimensions of structural elements;
  • architectural concept of particular elements (staircases, fences, swimming pool elements, sauna, green house);
  • door and windows specification;
  • roof element specification;
  • exterior finish specification;
  • explanatory note is a descriptive list of the basic elements and features, and technical and economic parameters.

Constructional part:

Constructional solutions concerning foundation, coverings, one-piece sections, ceiling beams, lintels, roof structures, load bearing elements;

  • foundation plan indicating foundation layout, used materials, etc.
  • slab panel layout;
  • drawings of constructional units and building parts;
  • constructional elements specification (quantity, dimensions, features).

Engineering part:

information on technical equipment and its layout (in-house wiring, power calculation, selection and installation of appropriate devices and fixtures):

  • heating system and ventilation (HS-V unit);
  • water supply and wastewater disposal (WS-WD unit);
  • electric power supply (EPS unit).