Category: Interior


Interior design is presented by a light, modern classic style. Chester sofa and chairs are symmetrically arranged in the center of a large living room with a fireplace; the rest of the furniture, curtains, paintings and chandeliers harmoniously complement each other. A dining room and a kitchen are separated. Large windows and broad stone window sills in the kitchen allow for spicy greens and flowers. There is also a sauna with Jacuzzi and a large walk-in wardrobe on the ground floor. A luxurious wooden staircase is a brilliant representative of coziness and warmth in the house. The children’s room furniture was manufactured according to the individual projects: a puffed bed, toilet-table/desk, mirror, wardrobe, chest of drawers – these were designed especially for a little princess. All the elements, starting with the walls and furniture to decor and textiles, were elaborated for each room individually according to the wishes of the dwellers. An additional walk-in wardrobe and bathrooms, a study and a living room on the first floor are very comfortable rooms for a large family.