Landscaping allied architecture of the house gently.



In the front yard near the fountain some formed boxwood, hedge of arborvitae and Christmas fir were planted.


Near the lava in the right corner some weeping willows with magnolias bent. In the left there is a protection house, enclosure for dogs, maples, tulip tree, weigela. Along the house we planted an orchard. The back yard is decorated with species terrace.



From this place odds-step paths run to the barbecue and playground. Nearby stam gooseberry, pear and rose are located. The compositions of the evergreen fir and pine trees, blooming rhododendrons and azaleas, lilac, jasmine and other plants have found their place on the perimeter and the corners of the plot. Most of the landscaping is full of lawn that adds the plot with brightness, integrity and spacious.


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